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Compare vs. An FTP Site and Emailing File Attachments

Feature FTP Site Email Files
Ease Of Use Excellent Fair Fair is a very easy to use web based system. There is no software to install. Uploading, downloading, and access to all features is done through our web site. Simply logon and and follow the simple, plain English screens and instructions. If something is not quite clear, we offer help icons through the site. Simply click on it and a window will pop up with content specific help. We also give you the ability to add a file description to each uploaded file. This makes organizing and maintaining your files much easier.

    While some FTP clients are fairly easy for the technically inclined, many people have trouble using them. They are not intuitive and help is sometimes difficult to find. Plus, each user has to individually install and set up their own FTP client software.

    Emailing a file attachment is fairly easy though there are many drawbacks. The user has no choice of when to download the file. This can be a problem, especially if it is a large file. Emailed files have to be sent seperately to each recipient. With you upload it once and each person you authorize can download it at their leisure.
Feature FTP Site Email Files
Convenience Excellent Poor Poor
    With you and your users can easily access your files from any computer with an Internet connection. Since all uploading and downloading is done through our web site, all you need is your user id and password. You can even manage your account ( add, edit, delete users and files ) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with an Internet connection.

    With an FTP site you need the FTP client software loaded on all computers you are using to access your files.

     While it is possible to set up another computer to retrieve your email, it is certainly not practical.
Feature FTP Site Email Files
Accountability Excellent None None logs all of your file and user activity. You always know who is doing what to your files, and when. You have access to this information with our powerful real time reporting features. Specify any or all of the following criteria when generating a report: date range, upload user, download user, full or partial file name, and detailed or summary report.

    Not available with an FTP Site.

    Not available with emailing a file attachment. You have no way of knowing if they got your file or not.
Feature FTP Site Email Files
User Management Excellent Poor Poor
    With there are no restrictions to the number of users you can set up. Our system is also very flexible about setting up upload, download, and delete rights. For each user you assign the right to upload or not. If the person is allowed to upload, you specify which other users are allowed to download this users uploads. For those that will have a large number of users, we allow you to create groups of users and assign download rights to the group instead of each individual user. Each user ( or group ) who is allowed to download a file is separately assigned delete rights ( or not ) to the users uploads. If an upload user needs to send files to different users ( or groups ), you simply set him up with more than one user id. This system gives you a very easy and flexible way to assign upload, download, and delete rights. Please contact us if you have any questions about how this will fit your particular situation.

    Setting up users and user rights is very cumbersome with an FTP site and most of the time has to be done by your FTP site provider.

    The only user management you have with emailing a file attachment is limiting who you send the email to.
Feature FTP Site Email Files
File Security               Excellent Good Poor has many levels of security to protect your files.
First, your files are protected by the user ids and passwords you set up. You can easily change these whenever needed.
    Second, each file you upload is protected by a hidden ten character password ( automatically entered for those that have download rights to the file ).
     Third, you have the option of uploading and downloading your files using a secure socket layer ( SSL ). This encrypts your files before transmitting them across the Internet.
    Fourth, at your request, we can add a global, operating system level user id and password for your files. This user id and password will be required before each download. We also offer additional tips on securing your files before you upload them.

    With an FTP site your security is limited to the one set of user ids and passwords your FTP site provider gives you and they are difficult to change.

    With emailing a file attachment your file is only as secure as the recipients email inbox.

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