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     Do you, your clients, or employees need an easy, convenient, secure way to transfer files over the Internet? is a web based system designed specifically for this purpose. It is affordable and easy to use, even for the technologically challenged. No software is needed, other than the browser you're using right now. You ( and the users you set up ) have your own section of our secure web site for uploading and downloading files . See for yourself how easy it is by uploading and downloading files using our demo account.

    New Features
  • Multiple file uploads - Drag multiple files or folders into our Java powered upload utility. A progress bar and upload status for each file is displayed.
  • Multiple file downloads - Download multiple files at once with our Java powered download utility. A progress bar and download status is displayed for each file.
  • Email notification - Option to automatically notify you and/or your users when they have a new file available for downloading
  • Our real time reporting now tracks deletes as well as uploads and downloads
  • Invoices and Payment Receipts now available online
  • Partial file uploads are automatically detected and flagged
More Top Features
  • Easy to use even for the technologically challenged.
  • A great alternative to cumbersome FTP Sites.
  • No extra software to install.
  • All uploads and downloads are done through your own secure section of our web site.
  • No limit to the number of users you can set up.
  • No limit to hard drive space available.
  • No file size limits
  • No Contract - You can cancel your service anytime
  • Works with all versions of all major web browsers even if you are behind a firewall
  • Easily control what users have access to what files.
  • You specify upload, download, and delete rights for each user.
  • Display file date/time and times of uploads, downloads, and deletes in local time.
  • Optional 128 bit SSL encryption for secure uploads and downloads.
  • Option to require secure uploads and downloads.
  • Many built in security features to protect your files.
  • Our firewall protected servers offer even more protection for your files.
  • Optionally include a file description with each file.
  • Company Branding:. Once your users login, all pages contain your company name. We also have an option to run from a frame inside your web site.
  • Powerful online reporting features tell you who is uploading and downloading what files and when.
  • Pricing is based on bandwidth used and maximum hard drive space used. This can be easily monitored with our powerful online reporting features.

How are others using
    Medical and other Transcription Services are giving their clients a place to upload their audio files and download their typed documents.

    Printers & Publishers are securely sharing proofs with their clients and providing an easy way for customers to upload their jobs.

    Graphic Designers & Photographers are easily and securely sharing images with clients in a filmless manner.

    All Types of Businesses and Individuals are
  • Replacing harder to use, more cumbersome FTP server systems
  • Gathering and distributing files to clients and employees
  • Uploading backups of their critical files.( serves as an off-site backup location
  • Distributing reports, brochures, and other documents to remote or traveling staff
  • Collaborating on projects such as music production
  • Uploading current copies of their working files and making them available at home, work, school, and on the road

Anytime you need a convenient, easy way to gather and distribute files, is the way to go. Try out our system by uploading and downloading files from our demo account.

Open a new account now, you can start transferring files immediately.

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